Udoís Choice Super 5 Lozenge Probiotic, 60 Lozenges In Stock

A balance of healthy bacteria in the mouth supports oral health!

The digestive tract begins in the mouth, where probiotics begin helping the body's defences against disease-causing bacteria. A balance of healthy organisms in the mouth are necessary to support healthy gums, healthy teeth and to ensure against bad breath. In order for probiotics to implant and be beneficial, they must come into contact with the mouth, teeth, gums and throat. The Super 5 Lozenge is a delicious way to introduce probiotics - in particular, L. salivarius, which is not commonly found in supplements - to precisely where they are needed. Dissolving a lozenge in the mouth after a meal lets the warmth and moisture in the mouth go to work and help these good bacteria multiply and proliferate. Super 5 Lozenge is specifically-designed for localized support and proper bacterial balance.

  • 5 bacterial strains, formulated to support oral health, fresh breath and the immune defences for the mouth and throat
  • a minimum of 1 billion viable/active cells per Lozenge at date of expiry (a minimum of 2 billion at time of manufacture).
  • Provides healthy bacteria that enhance an oral regimen designed to support a healthy mouth and throat.
  • Formulated to provide a balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth
  • Delicious light raspberry-flavoured lozenge format
  • Age group - 4 years and older


Udo's Choice Probiotic formulas contain multiple strains of probiotics known to be beneficial. It costs more to produce multiple strain formulas than a one or two strain probiotic formula. Dr Udo Erasmus believes in making products to a Higher Standard. All of the Udo's Choice Range is made to GMP Standards and strict Quality controls.



Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated or frozen to prolong best before date.


Always read the label and use as directed.

TAPS Approval PP7051.


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