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Ollie Pacific Service

Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent service we received from your company. You were fast and effective as well as helpful and polite. Why can't more companies operate in this manner?
- Lani Jacobs, Australia Nov 2009.


Udo's Oil

"I have been noticing a lot more energy, feeling quite different in the mornings and my skin is starting to change and soften because I have been having so many Udo's Oil Blend capsules, so looking forward to seeing how much Udo's oil I can consume to test out liver function and see what my saturation is to get skin softer, it all makes sense."
- Jacqueline Marshall, Nelson

"I have noticed a difference taking Udo's oil with stronger nails and healthier looking hair, skin and increased energy."
- Claire Harper, Auckland

"I am now a convert on the Udo's oil. I am training for the Auckland half marathon. I am putting a tablespoon on my cereal, and my energy is balanced and I feel full for longer, after training."
- Tina Naturopath, Auckland

"My boys 7 and 10 years old both take Udo's Oil Blend straight off the spoon and like it. That's a bonus."
- Yvonne Gloor, Pukekohe

"I was taking flax oil for three years and developed Omega 6 deficiency and suffered with dry hair, dry scaly skin, joint stiffness and more. Now I use Udo's Oil Blend, my skin has dramatically improved, I am more mobile and my energy levels have increased. I love my Udo's oil."
- Noeleen Gordine, Auckland

"One month on Udo's Oil and all my joints in the lower part of my body have mobility. I can bend my knees and now able to pick things up from the floor. Very happy."
- Feng Yun Hu, Auckland

"After taking Udo's Oil Blend, I have experienced bowel regularity. Thank you."
- Gloria Buckthought, Timaru


SoyQuick Soy Milk Makers

"I purchased my Soyquick Soymilk maker in September, and since then I have been making delicious milks daily, my favourite being Almond and Date. It would definitely have to be one of the best purchases that I have made. It is incredibly easy to use, is fast, and takes no time at all to clean up afterwards. I have complete control over what goes into my milks, and there are so many different types of milks that I am able to make. It is also so much more economical than any commercially brought products. I can highly recommend the Soyquick Soymilk maker, and am certainly a very happy customer. The service that I have recieved has been excellent, and all communications have been delt with quickly and efficiently."
- Heather Davison, Matamata

"I bought the SoyQuick soymilk maker, through Ollie Pacific Health. The goods arrived promptly and well packaged. I have used it every day for the past few weeks and made oatmilk with it. It is very fast. To wean ourselves from soy to oatmilk I initially used half prepared oatmilk and half soymilk. The texture is creamy and leaves very little residue. The SoyQuick maker is easy to clean, I usually pop the things into the sink with warm water (not submerging the head of the motor) and clean up straight after the milk is made. I would recommend the SoyQuick for ease of use, quality of milk made and easy to clean, unlike another brand I tried some time ago which seemed to have more fiddly parts."
- Loretta Dixon R.N., Raglan

"We are enjoying our soymilk maker and all is going well and are having fun experimenting with different flavours."
- Fiona Robinson Kaeo, Northland

"We bought our SoyQuick in September 2008. Prior to that we were considering to purchase one but felt they would be difficult or messy to use. After we received our SoyQuick we found that it was actually very easy to use and the soy milk is so much tastier than the prepackaged ones we had bought from retail stores, which were too sugary, dull and flat tasting. Now we really enjoy fresher, tastier and healthier soymilk!"
- Lin Li, Auckland

"I had owned a SoyQuick for several years and when we recently moved from Canada to New Zealand, I quickly discovered that I could not live without a soymilk maker. I was delighted to discover that SoyQuick was available in New Zealand through Ollie Pacific Health as it is a brand I have come to trust given many years of heavy use back in Canada. I was also quite excited to discover that the latest model also did nut and grain milks as my previous model only worked with soybeans. As a vegetarian who doesn't drink milk, I have come to really enjoy using soymilk in place of milk in my cooking and since I find commercially prepared soymilks too sweet, I am really happy that I can control what goes in to the soymilk I drink. Overall, I don't think that the taste of commercially prepared soymilks even compares to taste of soymilk you prepare yourself. When I received my machine in New Zealand, there was an unfortunate problem upon first usage. Luckily, manufacturing defects are quite rare but when they do happen, you want to be sure that the machine will be replaced immediately and without hassle. It is here that I must commend Brett at Ollie Pacific Health. When I contacted him he acted immediately and I had a replacement machine within a day of sending the defective machine back. Since receiving the machine several months ago, it has seen heavy usage and I am, again, a happy owner of a SoyQuick soymilk maker."
- Craig Taube-Schock, Hamilton


Ora Manuka Honey

"My son was staying in New Zealand and bought me a bottle of your honey. That was very good. I have been looking for your products in Japan but could not find any shop selling yours near my house. I live in Kanagawa-prefecture that is close to Tokyo, Kanto area. I have tried some other Manuka honey available in Tokyo but that was not better than yours. I believe that you will be able to expand your business and build strong presence in my country soon, because of the quality of your products. Thanks and best regards."
- Chieri Teramura, Kanagawa, Japan

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